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We are just so dang blasted cooperative! It makes me so happy inside! I'm almost done with a 1000amp power section, control section, and driver board for the mosfet version. It's non-SR, since I just found some much improved freewheel diodes that are 150amps per device instead of the 60amp ones I've been using. So, the plan is to use 14 of the standard irfp4668pbf mosfets, rated at 130amp, and 14 of the new freewheel diodes, and then calibrate the little surface mount current sensor to sit on top of the M- bar. I've already calibrated one type, that had a mTesla range up to 7, but I have some other ones that are up to 21mTesla, so are less sensitive, so they don't have to be 3/4" away from the bus bar. It should be closer by quite a bit. The SR version of the control board is about 2 days worth of work from being done.
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