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Originally Posted by Rokeby View Post

Very cool.
Are these straight cut vinyl with separate pieces, or pieces
attached to a clear backing sheet?

I want 2, but...

I'd like 3 in. diameter,
in silver or red,
with reverse adhesive to mount to the inside of glass.

Too much to ask??
Reverse is no problem at all. They just get mirrored before cutting.

My friend says its still another week before the colors come in. So just white for now.

The vinyl comes sticky back and the outline of the logo gets cut. The scrap gets "Weeded" away and then transfer tape is applied to the front side. You will remove the sticker from the backing using the transfer tape to hold it all in suspension. Then just place on the object and smooth it out.


Your decal went out today. You should have it by the end of the week. I have to ship it in 2 pieces inside 1 envelope because its so HUGE! I was able to separate it along the edge of a lighting bolt and will be very easy to re-align when you apply it. Email me if you need any help and I can walk you through.

All decals that have been ordered shipped today.

Im hoping to create a photo album on my website where you order the decals from of everybody's decals. So email me if you have a pic for me to post.

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