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Today i connected the car's tacho sender to the controller via 2k2 resistor and 5v1 zener. Fran kindly put together some code last year for measuring rpm and this was the first test in vehicle. Works very well indeed. Now i just need to implement rpm limiting and motor idle for a future project.

Regards an igbt driver , I have a few modules that i used for a work related project that might be of interest. Datasheet:

I am planning to do some experiments involving a revolt control board , mt25 driver , some 5th gen 1200v 600amp igbts and 4700uf 450v caps

..........oh and really , really , really big heatsink!

edit: thinking of calling it revoliton 0.9 on the grounds the hass 300 can only go to 900amps
Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the ammeter goes into the red and reads 2000 Amps, that's bad.
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