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If you were evaluating a bunch of robots, then I would say it was bionic. A little toooo bionic, ya I really do think. And if it was a new disease that you were helping some doctors study, then it would be a little too bubonic, ya I really do stink, because I'm diseased. hahaha.

Oh ya, it was a dspic30f4011. I might swap it out to have the atmega168 in there, and dump the CAN right into the recycling bin, or you could use DJ Becker's sneaky way of including it still. One thing I like about the dspic is that you can do 4 A/D conversions simultaneously. Throttle, current, temperature, voltage in my case. The specs are that it is basically a regular old control board, but now surface mount, dspic30f4011, with the driver section removed, and voltage monitoring included. There are 2 CAN ports since CAN is usually a network of things chained together, so that it makes it easier to be a link in the chain if one is in, and the other is out.

Putting in the atmega168 would take about 1 hour, so it's no big deal. That would be nice because the code is so well documented and developed.

EDIT: Oh ya, and a 1"x1.5"x10.5" or something heatspreader, which should help conduct heat away OK, and should be about proportional of an increase from 500amp to 1000amp... 0.75"x1.5"x8" to 1"x1.5"x10.5". OK, maybe not proportional. haha.

kits and boards

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