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Hi DJ! You don't sound critical at all. I actually wasn't trying to make a permanent decision. The super super main reason I was using the irfp4668's was that I have them in the garage, and I know for sure that the driver can do 10 of those in practice, so I figure 2 drivers can do 7 each. Technically I'm over the limit of the total capacitance rating for the mic4451 driver with 10 of the irfp4668s, but it works with 22 Ohm gate resistors, so I was just trying to get something that works. According to the datasheet, I should only drive about 2.7 of those gigamos mosfets with a single mic4451, so I wasn't sure if they would be so forgiving like the mic4451 with the irfp4668. The mosfets are from different companies, and it's hard to know the way they both rate their parts.
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