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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
It's not an advantage at all really. Well, it's a huge advantage for the AC controller field oriented control code, where you need the 3 currents at the same time, but I just like it because the code is so simple in the DC case.
Surely you don't begrudge the five lines of code it takes to scan the other channels ;-)

You need the code anyway, if you want to report values from the other A/D channels.

For the new driver board, would it be possible to split it into two half-sized boards? With pads/holes for a chaining connector at each end? Keep the components tightly clustered in one spot so that it's easy to cut the board to as few as three or four devices. Right away that would double the order quantity, and perhaps make it broadly appealing for people driving arrays of MOSFETs for other purposes.

Also, you can get a more balanced gate drive by running individual traces to the gates rather than chaining them. That seems to be more important than making equal-length traces by doing back-tracking or serpentine paths.
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