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Long long lurker, first time poster. I'm trying to do a IGBT controller, my own flavor of microprocessor, basically your same driver. I was thinking of using two driver ICs, even going to the TO220 style. It doesn't look like you're tying the two drivers outputs together? Is there any risk of timing differences between the two drivers? Or is it best to just let each do it's own thing?

Darin Gilbert

[QUOTE=MPaulHolmes;215959]Here's the driver board I'm planning on using. 2 drivers should be good for up to 20 mosfets, but I'm just going to try 14 for my prototype. That's about 71 or 72 amps per device for 1000 amps. I'm just hoping that it could do that for like 10 seconds. Enough to get up to speed in stop and go traffic, and do burnouts.
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