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YKTAEM when out of habit, you check your other family members tires to see how low that their air pressure is .....and then see that not only are the tires low, but the alignment / balancing is so bad that literally three of four tires on their SUV are shaved bald on one side - and there is a small pit on one of the bald tires ready to blow !!!
This happened to me this weekend when my sister came down to visit in her new ( used ) SUV.
She had her mechanic service it before leaving.
As she left, the guy said vehicle was "ready to go". She even asked him to put air in the tires, so it's not like he wouldn't have seen the condition that they were in.
When I asked about the wobbly sound and rough ride, she said that she was told by the guy that this was because an SUV rides like a truck and it was perfectly normal.

My sister is my polar opposite and extremely intelligent.
Sometimes smart people just have too much going on to think of common sense things.
( It reminds me of the NASA rocket scientists in the early days. Despite their great intelligence, NASA had to hire someone to drive them around because they couldn't read a map and they kept getting lost. )

So ...yeah. I have to thank all you guys for giving me this habit. I just might have saved not only my sisters life, but also several others, had she flipped her SUV.
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