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The other fear is that I'll be left with this RHD van in the UK while I'm the other side of the world and no money to take it anywhere... no one wanting to buy it because diesel's at 5/litre.

The thing is, the cash. This may be enough to get me out of the UK...

I love my camper so much so I even thought about importing it to Argentina! ...until I realised no shipping container is quite that high... you'd need a double.
Hey - I am not trying to torture, only to act as an outsider looking in.

I think the issue here is that we don't know what you are after. I kind of took from the original and follow up posts someone who has a Transporter and wants to travel from the UK and elsewhere in Europe (e.g. Spain which is where I too would rather be) whilst spending as little as possible, and maybe living there for some time, maybe sleeping in the van. The fuel spend is a balance against other stuff - e.g. camping in the van vs staying in a hotel.

If you are keen to move to South America or Australia then you would be better off liquidating the Transporter for as much as possible here in the UK beforehand. There is a market for this vehicle here at the moment, especially in the current market with all of those guys who used to work for building or building maintenance companies setting up on their own.

I wish I was as young

And then when you move you need to sort out the best vehicle for those markets. In Aus I think Diesel is not popular and they do not have their own, so they import their oil and mostly make Petrol - so it is cheaper. South America I have no idea, some places like bio-ethanol, some Diesel, some petrol. You need to research, I am probably wrong here.

Lets assume you are looking to go overseas. You need to

a) decide when you will be leaving.
b) decide what to take vs what to leave.
c) liquidate what you leave for as much as possible.
d) arrange to transport what you will take for as little as possible.
e) 'live' until you leave on as little as possible.
f) save as much as possible using b-e

For e) assuming you still want to travel to Spain on as little as possible and still carry stuff then get a small van. As an example my company (not as in I own it, as in I work for it) are getting rid of Berlingo HDIs for around 2K, full servicing, at least 10 years of life in them but not tidy by any means.

Again, good luck.
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