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These are some goold aldl technical links. I think it isn't "standard" uart so the port cannot read it right.
Reading GM's 160 baud ALDL Data Stream with a Standard PC Serial Port

I like the idea of using an interrupt, would suggest doing like the guino injector interrupt handling:

int 0 and 1 tied to the input signal just like guino, except maybe with 10k resistor

int 0 is falling interrupt, notes time since last falling interrupt and last rising interrupt, resets timer counter, send the bit out the uart port as a 0 or 1 (or stage the bits to be packed/sent in the main loop)
if the signal was mostly hi, then that indicates a 0, else a 1, baud independant implementation.

int 1 is rising interrupt, notes current timer counter.

hook it up to a laptop and decypher the bitstream in something easier like java for proto-prototype on a laptop


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