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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
My justification in buying studded tires was that driving short distances in the winter is hardest on my car, so my cost per mile should double going from around 25 cents per mile to 50 cents per mile, add to that the shortage of parking spaces, having to pay for parking and being able to stay in better shape over the winter and the cost of studded tires quickly seems more reasonable.
But my real reason justification of studded tires is that they cost about the same as a single missed day of work from falling and getting hurt.
The rest of what I wear while ridding my bike when its -0-F out is the same clothing that I wear the rest of the winter, lined pants, T-shirt with flannel shirt over it, wool hat, then I add a scarf and a pair of gloves for ridding my bike.
The very short 1.7 miles to school is very hard on the car and FE. I'm lucky if I get 20MPG.

I calculated it out that I save about $0.50 each day I biked in the fall. It would save even more in the winter because FE is even worse.
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