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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Well, its definitly no Bible. But, its a heck of a lot better than nothing. Most of my info that I wasn't sure about I double checked against multipule sites. That being said I have used info from tons of different sites since I pulled most of the info from google. Frontal area is definitly estimated, so this really is a 'best guess'. No offense, I'm not going to go through and source every piece of info. The numbers will vary, but not by that much. You can see generally where your car sits against the pool of cars on the list. So, when someone comes on the site and says they have a frontal area of 19ft^2 you can know that is pretty small.
Well, if the goal is just to "see generally where your car sits against the pool" then it might not be worth noting whether the data is wind tunnel or "eyeballed" (to take the extremes). I was just hoping that maybe a little more rigor could be injected by at least noting which numbers came from probably reputable sources vs from "unknown" sources.

Simply checking "multiple" sources doesn't do much--you would need to check independent sources--from what I've seen, a lot of the CdA info on the net is just repeated over and over with the result that very little is independent.

I think your frontal area is better than "a best guess". You've at least documented how the number was arrived at and if someone has a reason to use a different algorithm, they can do so since you provide the raw info (width, height).

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