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No my subaru had an uninsured meeting with an angry mob and bottles. Between that and my multiple spare cars I decided to sell it off.

I would say that the adjustable FPR would only help fuel economy in open loop. If you already have the split rail mod I wouldn't be re-doing it for what amounts to a bit of fun...

As for the air fuel ratio meter, mine was a $25 jaycar 'voltage monitor' on the factory narrow band sensor. It doesn't tell you exact air fuel ratio, but it can tell you when you are in injector over-run (i.e. zero fuel being injected), closed loop, open loop, and the nature of misfires that develop. It responds fast enough to catch individual misfires that you can barely feel as well. Misfires show as a lean condition, by watching the guage you can determine if the misfire was caused by fuel (guage goes lean slowly before misfire) or spark (guage goes full rich to full or off scale lean immediately after misfire).

In normal around town driving getting boost was nigh on impossible in closed loop with my VF10. On the highway was easier though (engine speed changes slowly and boost comes on at lower rpm).

More to follow when I get home from work
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