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The green machine - '94 Geo Metro
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kill switch idea

I have been following this forum for some time. I have two 1994 metro's one auto and one manual. I have in my manual metro a brand new motor with 1 mm oversized pistons the compression raised to 11 to 1 ratio. stainless valves bronze guides 3 way cut on the valves and the motor was balanced. all marks on everything is to factory specs. I also did the grinding on the head i think it was call sign grooves? so i know have 1000 miles on it and it gets exactly the same gas mileage as when it had 176k on it. about 43 mpg

i'm documneting every thing in a note book as i drive to keep some records.

So now it begins trying to find the tweaks. my first tweaks i thought would be a kill switch and manual throttle handle.

My idea on the kill switch is to kill the cam sensor or distributor and use the clutch saftey start switch to do it. You dont need to cram the clutch pedal to the floor to shift so i thought why not disconnect the switch and have it interupt the cam sensor since you need to clutch the engine and kill the switch at the same time to be the most effective.

has it been tried yet?
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