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Regarding your bellypan, I have an aluminum cover that I made which comes to the end of the cataylic converter. I have a large piece of Coroplast and plan to re-do the rest of my 'pan.
Please give some more details about the areas around the exhaust pipe running the length of the car. From what i understand, you used sheetmetal there, and i was wondering how you secured it to the Coroplast.
It also looks like you have the Coroplast just sitting on top of the rear suspension arm.
How does this work when the car hits a pot hole and the suspension has to flex ?

Also, I seem to recall you stating that the 'tail on your car gave you around 4MPG.
( I'm not seeing all your data on your fuel log BTW )

If you chopped the tail at 1/3 its current length* and had it open ended ( versus capped ), how much would you lose in F.E. ?

I remember you had this configuration before when you built your original half boattail out of clear vinyl. What was your mileage then compared to now ( minus the new engine )

* about 3ft from the back bumper
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