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Originally Posted by Zerohour View Post
I don't know of anyone who has run there computer through a TV full time.
I'm doing this right now, and I'm happy with it overall.

I used to run dual CRT's, back in the day. Windows 2000 and Linux don't always play nice with dual CRTs, and most games end up being played on only one monitor. Windows 7 may be a little better, but you still have a seam in the middle of your display.

I'm using a 40" Samsung, installed in my living room, as my only computer monitor. I sit about 4-6' from it, or 8' when I'm using it to watch videos (usually on the internet, which works out great). You should make yourself a cardboard mock-up of a 32" television and set it on your desk. I think you'll find you need to sit pretty far back, and it takes up just as much space as your dual 19" monitors.

Other downsides: you sit directly in front of the entire monitor. With dual monitors, you can set one off to the side and put reference material on it and your work on the main display.

Televisions aren't optimized for use as monitors. HDMI is unacceptable, as it doesn't support power management states. I use VGA, but I'd like to use DVI.

If I want to change the brightness on the television, I have to crack open the Picture Settings menu. Either get a television with automatic brightness adjustment, control the lighting of your workspace, or be willing to live with a system that requires you to hit 11 buttons on the remote to adjust the brightness twice a day.

Also, for the kind of work I do, I prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio... if not a 1:1. This 16:9 thing is silly, but Windows 7 handles it pretty well.
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