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Hi there Peoploids!
Spring finally came to my neck of the woods and the carion eating cute crows are chirping their little heads off. How adorable !
I have been driving my modified Espresso Nero (Soul of black), for 2,5 months now and adore it's demeneour on the road. City or highway. Besides the final drive gear from a 4 cyl. she boasts (sports ?) an XFi cam. For good breathing, I treated her to a K&N filter. When installing the summer 13 inch tires (165-65-13) I also screwed on the Racing Bonneville Salt Flats Smooth Hubcaps (RBSFSH for short) with 3 stainless steel screws. I used a few biblical terms in doing that. So I guess that they are blessed for the road now. I also swapped the square glass headlights for the smooth aerodynamic ones. Inside she had the same very light seating arrangement as an original XFi but comfort in the form of plaid GT seats won over. Last item: a rear deflector, not a spoiler, washes wind down the rear window and keeps it spotless. I found it on the exotic car emporium section of Heehawbay. 10 bucks.
In summary: excellent pick up and go, no pinging whatsoever, I tend to use 4th gear more and sometimes forget about shifting into 5th. Under 2000RPM is very relaxing. 5th is now a true overdrive and acts like one. This means downshifting to 4 when passing.
Fuel economy is phenomenal almost 60 miles to the gallon most of the time.
Last week the gas tanks for the regual gas were deffective and the friendly owner accomodated his customers by letting them tank up with super for the same price. First time Espresso Nero drinks this stuff.
The gauge's needle is still stuck on full and the odometer reads 185 kill-o-meters. I'll tell you how it goes if I ever do another fill-up.
Less IS more !
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