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I love riding in the wind!
SIKE! The above is true as long as it's blowing from behind

OK, I was hoping this wouldn't come up. I love uphills, though. My favorite part of a bike trip in Arizona/Utah was a 60-mile climb. I loved that more than coming back down the next day. In fact, downhills are always shorter than the climbs. Has anyone else noticed that?

So, I love uphills. But I loath riding in the wind. Maybe it's because I can see the grade of an uphill, but not how fast the wind is blowing, or how it will change in a second or two.

Wind is my archenemy, my nemesis. The prevailing wind here is supposed to be from the west. This was true when I lived west of Warsaw: in the windless morning I commuted east, but the afternoon return always had a headwind. Now I live southeast of the city's center and I've never had a tailwind on my way home. Ever.

I knew some people from Montana or one of the Dakotas and they didn't mind riding in the wind. They said they've probably never gone riding without a headwind so they just got used to it.
Well, I'm a spoiled brat and don't want no more wind!!
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