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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
yes. I'll post all of that. To truly keep it simple, maybe I should just keep the voltage monitoring, change the dspic back to atmega, dump the CAN, and remove the driver section from the control board, and make it all thru-hole.
Hi Paul,

Can't wait to see your "Rev.E" Controller !!!

It would be nice to keep it compatible with Adam's RTD Explore software, that would mean continue using the ATmega. The CANbus option would also be a good feature to have on your new controller.

When you say that you are removing the driver section from the controller does that also mean the driver power supply too? Most of the industrial IGBT driver control PCB's contain the driver/driver power supply as one unit

That means the "Rev.E" ATmega Controller would just use a simple regulator power supply for the ATmega, control, saftey, and interface logic.


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