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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
So, I love uphills. But I loath riding in the wind. Maybe it's because I can see the grade of an uphill, but not how fast the wind is blowing, or how it will change in a second or two.
I`ve given it a lot of thought over the years, and come to the conclusion that hills are fair and wind is not- that`s why hills are so much better to deal with than wind. Any elevation you pick up you`re guaranteed to get back on the way home, and if you start out with an elevation loss you already know you have to pay it back to finish the ride. Where there`s a grade one day, the same grade will be there, just the same, EVERY day. Wind? Well, you know how that goes. One hill I frequently deal with (up or down, depending on which way I travel) seems to have a built in headwind. I could swear that two riders passing each other in opposite directions will both have headwinds! Maybe the wind there is English and keeps to the left side?

As for the wind/grade combination, I think it`s almost better to deal with a headwind while climbing than when descending because I already expect to work hard while climbing and it`s just so dang demoralizing having to battle my way DOWN a hill in the little ring!

That said, I have enjoyed some truly delicous tailwinds here and there- they`re just few and far between compared to headwinds and croswinds. Murphy at work.
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