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Noob from Michigan...looking to gain MPG from Suburban

Hello all,

Currently live in Michigan and have a 99 half ton suburban 4x4.

I have a goal of 30 mpg from this beast and I know it's achievable through some serious mods(No, not selling the thing) but doing a 6.5 diesel conversion, remove the fan and replace with electric fans.

Already have the gearing of 3.42 so that will put the RPM's at 2,100 @70 mph with 245 tires.

Along with the diesel conversion the a 4L80E will be swapped in because it can handle towing much better...this vehicle is a "Draft" horse.

Would like to make a belly pan for underneath. It would mostly be a 2 dimensional pan because of the straight frame. this would be benifical because we all know a LOT of drag comes from underneath and be nice to straighten out some of that wind.

Want pics???


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