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For me it was easier to leave the DC-DC on the control board, since there was other stuff up there like the low voltage disable circuit for the 12v supply. There would have been a lot of things that came down. Usually the professionals use drivers that have all the built in protections, but all mine are individual components. The only signal I really really need is the output of the optocoupler, which is a tiny amount of current, so it can be longer without the di/dt penalty of the long gate drive wires, which are carrying I have no idea, but like over 10 thousand times the current each. Also, the voltage monitor circuit uses that isolated 12v supply, so it would have to come on down as well. PRetty soon, it's a big dang party down there!

CAN is in addition to the serial communications so it has both right now. I can also do the serial communications to mimic the output of the atmega no problem. So RTD would still be OK. But the thru-hole version of the dspic30f4011 is huge, and the surface mount is TQFP44 with 0.5mm pitch, which isn't my favorite thing to hand solder. Also, that's the only one that has both serial and can at the same time. Well the 4012 does too I think, but the serial pins are used by something else important that I can't remember right now on the 4012.
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