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I'm done with a basic thru hole version for the 1000amp power board and driver board with the voltage monitoring. It's basically just the 2C control board, with voltage monitoring, no driver section and no CAN. It also has larger isolation rings, and thermal relief. I priced 10 surface mount boards to be placed automatically, and it was over $1000. hahaha. That sealed the deal for thru hole. I also went with the same chip as before, since it's still the same thing. The dsPIC version will have the CAN, and like 50 other options, like a little pcb mounted relay and precharge resistor black thing that drops in resistance when it heats. So, just a turn of the key will precharge and then close the contactor.

I have a few other pins on the atmega. jack, what did you want with those? Just a hole?

It's just got 2 holes for running wires from the output of the optocoupler to the driver section. If you are using an IGBT driver board, I think you just need to use that above DC-DC instead of the other cincon. I need to doublecheck that though. it's 2 am and I can't think straight. haha.

DJBecker! You are doing some SR experiments?! ya! I still really want to do that too.
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