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Thanks for your replies!

So it looks like trying to lower the contact patch is the best way to go with the tires.
I've also been doing some googling after toomuch's post and it seems like finding low RR tires is the way to do that. Another question that popped into my mind on the same topic is:

If I were to keep the same overall diameter of my current wheel base, which would be more efficient - larger diameter or smaller diameter lightweight rims?

I'll obviously try to keep the width as small as possible with low RR tires and correct pressure, but I'm trying to figure out what size rims would be the most beneficial efficiency-wise?

My hunch is that if you have something that has a good rotational inertia then it would be bad for starting and stopping but really good for steady highway driving.

Guitarterry - what did you mean by the reciprocal weight?

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