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Thumbs up Fuel Injection shutoff mod in 97 Eclipse

I have read where people were wiring the fuel injector fuse into a relay/switch setup.

I also have researched the fuel cutoff on half cylinders on newer vehicles.

An inline engine is particularly great to do this with if you cut off the RIGHT sequence of cylinders due to the fact they ALL move in the same direction and it will not shake side to side or cause off balance IF you have the two firing in opposite times, and the other two dead at the same times. I looked up the firing order on the car and want to use that to determine which two injectors to wire with a cutoff relay so that you have two opposing cylinders firing and the exact opposite two dead while cruising. In other words timing it where they fire back and fourth between the ON cylinders and the dead two are exactly opposite each other in up and down strokes as well, so there is no balance issue. My car is also a manual shift, and the 2G Eclipses are not very prone to that annoying engine light. Matter of fact, I'm not sure if they ever come on unless the car STOPS running lol.

ANYWAYS I will keep you updated. I'm going to unplug the two most likely cylinder's spark plug wires and let it sit at idle, and continue from there to determine the two best cylinders. Then proceed to wire it.
A 2.4 liter engine is 2400cc. I figure my car's weight and aerodynamic properties could be kept at a 65mph speed with 1200cc pushing it, much like a Volkswagen Beetle. Any input is appreciated...

I also have the bigger turbo injectors off a GST eclipse I'm considering putting in so that when the two cylinders are running in cruise mode, they can put out a tad more if needed. I'd of course put the injectors in ALL FOUR cylinders, but you get the idea.

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