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I ride when it's above freezing. two classes I can are 1 mile away and ~1.5 away (other class is 14 miles and I only have an hour to get there including lunch.

I avoid snow/ice because I have skinny street (IE near zero tread) tires. light rain I'll do but I don't like being soaked and cold trying to take tests. IME bike braking issues are 90% rain on the brakes rather than traction. when it is raining I'll tap the brakes every minute till they start to grab just to keep them somewhat clean.

just picked up a cheap mountain bike at a garage sale. few adjustments and some lubing and it oughta be fine. It was cold and damp the day I got it and the rear (normal) brake didn't bite but the front disk brake bit great.

When the weathers nice enough (and longer trips) to I compromise with the motorbike :-D air cooled with carbs doesn't run for crap till it's warmed up tho. ~30 seconds is enough when it's 70+ but lower temps result in standing holding the throttle till it runs on it's own.
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