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Wink Hello folks!

Hey there, I found this site by way of google that got me to, which led me to and - where SVOboy turned me over here (yeah, I think I got that right). If you guys are members over there, you may have already read the following (but not so condensed)...

Since about 1997 I've been an MPG nut. In 1997 I bought a 91 Geo Metro that I gutted over the years to make as lightweight as possible (getting all those interior rattles out may have been a bit of the original driving force I have to admit). I gave it to my Dad a few months ago and we're going to convert into an EV over time. I have a 91 convertible that is a parts car and will eventually become a matching trailer for my 90 Geo Metro convertible (I swear, it is the most fun car ever made). My current daily driver is a 93 Honda Civic DX hatchback (all stock) - which I average about 41 mpg on. I'm going to give the Honda to my wife and make the Geo convertible my daily driver. On the low side of what the metro gets in mpg, it would save us about $1200 a year. (I drive a lot, but the savings of getting my wife's 19mpg Camry wagon off the road is what makes such a dramatic increase, and getting it off the road is a favor to mankind as a whole).

The Metro cost me $450, due to it being sold not running from the prior owner. It was completely straight, stock and had a good interior - but had a wrecked top, a terrible looking paint job and a few less than stellar problems here and there. It took me an afternoon to figure out that a $16 timing belt was the only thing keeping it from getting back on the road. With help from the parts car and Earl Scheib, the little convertible is in great shape now and is ready for prime time (and perhaps some modded mpg improvements).

I've always been fond of the color orange, and it was the only unique color on the Scheib list of affordable paints - so thus the color was laid. The new paint job is called "Competition Orange," which I'm sure that refers to the competition of getting the highest gas milage

I'm experienced with keeping these things running, but I'm new to tuning them for MPG. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to seeing what I get as far as gas milage from daily driving and where I can go from there, and look forward to sharing the experience. Here are some pictures of the car from our wedding back in August...

I sure do love the little guy.

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