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I put one of the new wheels on the bathroom scale (Don't tell the Wife!) and it showed 5kg, but this is an analog (dial) scale, plus it always shows too much when I'm on it Wheel+tire registered around 12.5kg, so that's about 7.5-8kg for the tire. A normal 15" steel wheel weighs something like 6-7.5kg, correct? The Wife's nephew got a set of 18" alloys with wide low profile tires for his coupe and they weigh in at 22kg each!!! No wonder he's always driving his dad's car saying he's low on cash for gas

Here's a picture:

They look like steelies, huh? Well, that's good, because hopefully it'll reduce the risk of theft. I checked that I can't get my OEM hubcaps on the new wheels, even though they are so similar to the original wheels. It may be something with the rim's hump profile, which is H2, compared to the original H2M, whatever that may mean Not that I'm worried, since I have piece of ABS that's been waiting in the garage for almost two years to become a set of flat wheel covers...

I can tell from the dust (the one's on the pic have been wiped, but there is still a mess of dried mud on the other side) that the wheels have been sitting in a garage for a few years, no rust (they are aluminum, remember?) but some white corrosion on the surface of scratches. I wonder if I should paint them, say grey to match the car? Svietlana looks really awful with black wheels...
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