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TJ or LJ? Is that 17.49 MPG speedo corrected or off by the stock speedo gear? What other equipment are you running? Bumpers, winch, tire type and brand, etc. Whats your road conditions? Hilly? Flat? Mountains? If it was me, I'd run 4.56s. The 4.0 has more than enough power to grunt along at that speed. With your overdrive 4.10s might be a tad too low. If you want to "try" out 4.10s turn off the OD for a while and see how it drives.

For those of us with 5 spds stock @ 65 is around 2200 RPM hence the recommendation of 4.88 for non rubis 42rle and 5.13s for rubis 42rle. If you adhere to the Jerry fan club than you want to run as deep of a set as possible for the greatest passing power and ultimate crawl ratio. IMO I think thats crap for the most part. You don't need that much gear for the 99.5% of the time you aren't off road
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