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Originally Posted by Crazyrabbit View Post
It occurred to me today that I might lower the rolling resistance of my tires by cutting the tread blocks across the tread so that they were, by say, 1/2 or 1/3 as long, along the direction of travel. By doing this, I submit that the work of bending the tread as the tire enters and leaves the contact with the pavement would be reduced. I would propose to cut them to the depth of the tread. I think this would accelerate the wear rate during acceleration and braking, but then I am no tire engineer. I know we have actual tire engineers on this site, what do you guys think?......
The stiffness of the tread is very minor compared to the stiffness of the belt, so anything done to the tread stiffness would have a minor effect. If anything, you'd want to increase the stiffness of the tread in the longitudinal direction.

But you've proposed removing tread rubber and that would have a positive affect. Better would be to remove tread rubber along the grooves - perhaps cutting off the corners.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
........I've sometimes wondered if filling inbetween the tread blocks with silicone rubber or ? would reduce r.r....?
That would be adding mass - which would not be good. If you are thinking that you would be reducing the movement of the tread elements as they move through the footprint - that is a very minor affect as well and it's the belt that pretty much controls that.
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