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Originally Posted by Crazyrabbit View Post
Thanks for the comments. Just to clarify, I was not proposing to remove any tread. I was thinking of just slitting across the tread blocks to the depth of the tread, so that at the beginning and end of contact the slit would open reducing the amount of flexing in the tread block. I would not expect this to have much impact on handling, but would expect the tread to deflect more due to braking and acceleration and therefore wear more.
As I explained earlier, it very much does have an impact on handling. You are describing a process called "siping" that is practiced often in cold climate area's, when I lived in Washington, Les Schwab would sipe your tires for free when you purchased them if you wanted them to. The process has provent to improve handling, acceleration and braking on ice, snow, mud and wet conditions, however the tires become very spongy, almost slimy feeling when driving on dry surfaces.
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