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Originally Posted by tim3058 View Post
Let's be open minded please.

The OP has a gas/EFI van and is running 30% diesel and reporting a noticeable 10-20% mpg boost. Worth looking into. I'm struck by the genius involved in such an out-of-the-box concept. Many questions surround how much is ok, and what long-term effects may be, but this might have potential for the serious experimental-type of ecomodder.

Good idea lindsayjim!

Any thoughts on what this would do in a lean-burn Honda VX engine?
I am open minded, but substituting one petroleum product for another with higher energy density is not an mpg boost to me. If you want to burn a diesel fuel, use it in a diesel engine, and use a renewable one if possible.

Gasoline and diesel both come from the same filthy hole in the ground. But keep looking for that holy grail.

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