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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
I think most of the people warning against adding Diesel know this and are trying to inform you of the possible results. If you get your mix wrong, you will destroy your engine. If you know the dangers and still go for it, more power to you. I, for one, don't plan on giving this one a try and would still recommend others not to do it either.
As per the quote from the article, it's pretty hard to miss a knock, if you've heard one before. If not, look up engine knock or spark knock on youtube. I think in most people's case, the real danger is worse fuel economy and lost power due to the computer compensating.

Not that I'm one to shrug of a good warning, but my observations of the trend here was the most members warning not to do it have not done it. There were a few who mentioned smoke problems or even included a vid.

Originally Posted by UFO View Post
I am open minded, but substituting one petroleum product for another with higher energy density is not an mpg boost to me. If you want to burn a diesel fuel, use it in a diesel engine, and use a renewable one if possible.
I agree with you here. Using higher BTU density fuel is not a real increase in economy. Also, renewable fuel makes more sense that swapping for another fossil fuel.

But from what I've learned here, there is a lot more then meets the eye when it comes to the complicated array of reactions that go on in an ICE. I'm not expecting magic here. If there were incredible results to be found here, I'm sure it would long ago have become common practice.

If I find that mile economy goes down by 50%, I'll still consider the experiment a success, because of what I've learned. This turns into a great jumping off point to find out where the extra energy went and why, which can in turn spark more ideas.
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