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Holy crap, so uhm, apparently I don't have a subscription to this thread for some reason. Hence why I've been MIA here... didn't even know the idea was still active! Wait, yes I do, why haven't I been getting 'em? Ugh. Weird.

Excuse me while I catch up... :P

edit: Hmm, wow, a lot of progress made here, it seems. However, I'm getting a little bit of "protocol error" here myself, in a literary sense. I haven't yet seen anyone share what type of OBD system they're using to test these different baud rates. Even different variations of OBD use different baud rates and different protocols, or not even OBD at all (proprietary diagnostic connectors used in import cars, far as I understand). For example, here is the OBD/ALDL connector on my car:

(10k resistor between "ground" and "diagnostic" = getting 160 baud data on "data"; shorting "ground" and "diagnostic" = flashing error codes using SES light, engine running in timing mode)

Anyone got pictures of their connectors? Or think this is relevant? I just don't think we'll get very far with one guy testing the other guy's code on totally different systems...

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