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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
And, I actually do have experience with diesel in a gasoline tank. I used to work at a place that rents U-Hauls. The gasoline powered trucks periodically came in topped off with diesel and usually barely ran or had to be towed back. I have no way of knowing what the percentage of the mix was though.

That said, I don't believe that you always need to try things personally to figure out it's a bad idea. For example, I also recommend against putting sand in your oil even though I have never tried it.
Sorry Mike, I wasn't directing the comment about experience on diesel in gas tank at you. It was more referring to the general trend on this tread as a whole. The trend being, many of the users that were more more against it, not mentioning any experience. Thank you for finally mentioning yours

As per the sand in oil situation, it actually really helped my gas mileage. I never had to put more gas in that vehicle again . I know what your saying here, and your right, sometimes common sense telling you something is a bad idea should be enough to keep you from doing it. However, it seems unlikely that there could be any sort of perceived benefit to trying something like that.

Gotta get to work, Cheers.
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