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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
OK, please please please please don't try this at home, but someone who put a controller together decided to run his S10 truck at 192v to extend the range!!! We are talking about the 200v components here. He's gone 300 miles so far without any problems. His commute is about 36-38 miles per day. Around 6-8 miles of stop and go in town driving, and 30 miles at 60 mph. I don't know what to say. Fully charged, it has to be way over 200v. Ok, the capacitors are rated for 250v surges, but what about the mosfets?!
Just goes to show how conservative the manufacturer's ratings are. They guarantee a min Vds of 200V but they don't say what the max is likely to be! If this guy is using 16 x 12v batteries, his charging voltage is likely to be about 230V dc which is 15% over.
I bet that increased his top speed a bit too!
Wouldn't make any difference to the controller dissipation though.

I run mine from 45 Li cells which charge at 162V and I thought that was pushing it far enough.

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