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Update: 30K miles since beginning this trial. Highway mileage ranges from 17.8 to 18.2 using approx 1/3 diesel at fill-up. Changed original OEM spark plugs out at 102,000 miles and one oxygen sensor (Bank1 Sensor1) at the same time. The rest of the oxygen sensors are still original. Should probably change the others also, based on age and mileage but have not been sufficiently motivated to go out in the cold and do it. No smoke, no odor. I do revert to straight gasoline when the temperature drops below -30F if I have to let the vehicle sit outside and cold soak. Nothing bad to report other than it's a bit of a pain to pay at two pumps. Fortunately the pumps are at the same island so moving the vehicle is not necessary. I use a Scan Gauge II in order to know how much diesel will be needed and pump it first. Figure I've saved about a grand in fuel costs this year.
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