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Originally Posted by mikee55 View Post
I did notice a drop in oil.
Keep checking often until you have a good idea of how much oil it consumes.

A phone call to Vauxhall tech told me, you can't use Bio diesel.
They have to follow the official line : no biodiesel.
If you go BD, you're on you're own.
Then again, with a car that's pushing 11 years, you don't really expect anything from the manufacurer anymore

According to the manual, my V50 can't take more than 5% BD.
Too bad we're already at 5% BD in regular diesel, and the idea is to increase that to 7,5% or even 10%

Should I block the top grill?
Definitely give it a try with a temporary set-up, especially as it's not really going over the radiator.

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