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Originally Posted by KamperBob View Post
In the FWIW department, if I was trying to fit this template to a vehicle I might break it into 3 peices: one top and two bottoms. In addition to scaling height, users need to allow for wheelbase and overhang variations over a broad range of vehicles. The composite template looks cool, but the silhouette going to ground plane without wheels seems more mistake proof (poka-yoke to Toyota). Separate templates could be more useful. Members likely focus on one mod at a time anyway, so their visuals might be less confusing to others who miss dialog and take away wrong ideas from visuals. Food for thought?
The templates emphasis is on a vehicles aft-body,as this is where the lion's share of drag occurs.
Most contemporary automobiles have a
'good enough' fore-body,that good flow from there is assumed.
The template,as described in the first two portions of the thread,reduces the criteria for its use to a single element,height.That's all one needs to create an aft-body with zero separation.
The ground clearance of the template is in the spirit of all the other templates developed,from Jaray/Klemperer,to Kamm,Lay,R.G.S.White,and others.
The Approach,Departure,and Ramp Break-over angles are based solely on the tires and there position under the car.If any part of a vehicle goes below these projected angles,those parts will be knocked off the car at some point unless the car has active suspension,or the parts themselves are active.
That's all I'm trying to convey.Everyone will have to evaluate their vehicle on its own merits
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