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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*The subject vehicle will have a point of maximum roof camber and that's a fixed point,it's not negotiable.
* The template has its zero-point or maximum roof camber and it's a fixed point and cannot be moved.
* If the two images are scaled such that the height of their max roof camber points are identical and then aligned together,this is the only condition in which the template can function.The template cannot function with any other alignment.
* If the roof of the subject vehicle conflicts with the template,it only indicates the aerodynamic compromise and we'll have to do the best with what we've got to work with.

Consider a bread truck. Any point along the roof of its box is equally valid as the point of maximum camber. A similar sad story goes for most full sized pickups.

If you were to slice the template vertically at the 0% mark and insert a rectangle (of any width), the drag coefficient would go up due to skin friction, but you could still use the template to guarantee attached flow, right? So a bread truck or a minivan with a boat tail grafted on the back would do okay, though not as well as the same treatment applied to a Prius.
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