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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
Today's annoyance - there is a 'park and ride' bus stop on my route to work - don't get excited it doesn't work for me - and the entrance has traffic lights on it. These sensibly have detectors so the lights only change when someone wants in or out. The bad bit is that a butterfly expelling excess gas in Brazil is enough to set these sensors off. So we all stop and watch as nothing pulls out.

What is worse is that the detectors don't let the lights change back until they think everything is clear. Another butterfly parps and we wait longer - so I can't even time the light.

This is in Midlothian in Scotland. The only place that has a bus lane so short that a bus could not physically park in it.

Thats the Sherrifhall one then?

It was pitched as "Edinburgh's new Park and ride"

So tehy built it in Midlthian, and on the "Wrong side of the roundabout" for people from Midlothian/Borders to use.

Its always Empty

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