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Originally Posted by 320touring View Post
Thats the Sherrifhall one then?

It was pitched as "Edinburgh's new Park and ride"

So tehy built it in Midlthian, and on the "Wrong side of the roundabout" for people from Midlothian/Borders to use.

Its always Empty
Close, its the Straiton one. Are you stalking me ?

I decided to maybe ask someone to check it. So I went on the website and it pointed me at the city council. So I emailed Clarence (our road bodging lion mascott) who pointed me back to Midlothian, at which point I give up.

Why ?

Well when you have a local authority who think it is fine to make a bus lane so short a bus can't even stop in it, I doubt they would listen to reason on this issue much.
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