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Hey Paul,
Would there be any interest in a dash mount LCD Instrumentation module compatible with the Cougar? Iíve designed one that Iím planning to use in conjunction with my Cougar/Open Revolt controller, and Iíd be willing to donate the PCB fab files, BOM and source code to the Wiki page. Donít want to highjack this thread so if anyone wants more details, you can find it here

This uses a PIC18F micro (sorry AVR fans) only because Iíve had experience with them on other projects (personal and professional). Since it was designed with my needs in mind parameters are hard coded. If I have time I will work on a serial command interface, otherwise those interested will need to purchase a $35 PICKIT2 programmer to change parameters. I have them all declared in one section of the code so this process is fairly easy. Of course, anyone can embellish/ replace my code to customize any way they wish
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