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OK, so I'm a little depressed! I entered the controller as an instructable. They had a microcontroller contest. I thought I could win some free microcontrollers from sparkfun, and I didn't even make it as a finalist! dang it! I got beat by LED sneakers, LED kitchen lights, um... stuff like that. dang it!!!!! I even promised my son I'd get him some robot parts if we won! dang nab it!

I ordered the metal parts for the 3 prototype 1000 amp controllers today. 3 copper heat spreaders too! Oh ya! Also, I'm about to order the power board, control board, and driver board, but I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to do it. Does anyone else want a control board? $25 each to help defray the costs of setup fees? The poor beta testers and I have over $200 worth of one time setup fees. I'm trying to keep the initial beta tester costs out of the stratosphere, which I'm not succeeding very well at.

3 control boards cost $98, and 5 cost $105. hahaha. The $25 would help with the horrible 4 ounce board.

You can just send the money to I'm going to order from that paypal account. But I'm going to order either late tonight or tomorrow, so you better tell me fast! I'll write on here when I order it all, so you can know that you missed it, and not to send me any money if you see a message from me.

It should be compatible with the IGBT boards. The bigger non-isolated 12v to 15v dc-dc can plug right in. There's desaturation detection on the driver board, that can be sent to the microcontroller. It has 3 pins with holes that are unused, so desaturation awareness sounds like a good use.

It also has a hole right before the hcpl-4506 optocoupler, which IGBT people can use to wire straight over to the driver board, because there is a different optocoupler on the driver board.

I think it's very unlikely that there is a mistake on the control board. I've read it over so many times, that it's not even hilarious. Well, a tiny bit.
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