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And, I ordered them! BAM! hahahahaha. But I got a total of 10 of the control boards. I sure am glad I got a couple extra. I just knew there might be an american straggler that actually is awake during the day, and asleep at night.

Thank you guys! It was by the skin of my teeth. $465. I was right at $423 late last night and you guys put it over the top! Hurray! I bet pcb cart is going to party this weekend with all their serious bank. Its that 4 ounce power board that really ran the price up there! 11.125" x 4.6" of 4 ounce copper is expensive even in the land of slave/political prisoner/religious prisoner labor!

Nevyn: yes! Whoohooo!!! In fact, I might have a little extra in the mix... You's my peeps! I haven't forgotten your financial help last week! should be registered with paypal. I had told some people that it was, and that definitley wasn't registered with paypal. It's just that I was tired, and not thinking straight.
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