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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I don't think it's too late. Those stinkers at haven't gotten back to me yet, but they should shortly. Or I'm libel to whoop the tar out of them! And we definitely need a new zealander! It just wouldn't be right otherwise.

OK, work out a number for the postage and as soon as you confirm it all I'll PayPal the money.

I have a 500A controller running my BMW at present and I'll be very interested to a "side-by-side" comparison as soon as I can get a new one built. And if it doesn't work, we are coming over there to eat your ancestors.

Just a note of interest, perhaps: The Prius is pretty useless when it gets old and its batteries die because it needs a blast of current to get it off the line so the petrol motor can start. A new battery pack is very expensive, more than the car is worth, so someone has made up a dc - dc inverter running off a couple of 12V PbA batteries in the boot and producing the 275V or so that the thing needs. A whopping big capacitor across the output gives it the surge it needs to get the car moving. Presto! Your junk Prius is restored to motion.

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