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2011 Honda CBR250

I am starting this thread as should I buy-informational thread for anyone considering this bike.

In case you haven't heard the Ninja is getting some new competition. The Honda dealer claimed 36 HP, 7000-8500 power band and 10500 red line. It is a fuel injected single, 320 pounds. He also claimed 88 MPG combined.

I am starting a new job with a 30 mile each way commute. It is 28 miles of country roads then 2 miles of small city with 5 traffic lights. My commute would be 300-420 miles per weak. I own an S10 (20MPG) and a 1200 Goldwing (40MPG). I plan on running the GL as much as possible this summer and picking up a under 2K 35mpg car Honda, Metro, yoda , ?. Next spring I would plan on the CBR.

Here are some questions I have

How many miles can I get out of this bike?
How often will I need Tires, chain, oil change, valve adjust?
What will the cost of all this be?
I want to add all purchase and operating cost up and determine a cost per mile to make my decision. Help from the Ninja guys would be great. I haven't rulled out the Ninja yet, but I am a Honda guy and I like FI. Thanks!

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