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I'm just doing alot of reading so I can eventually rebuild my VX. It has 412K miles I put on it and still is in pretty good shape. I bought a Fit and figure I can lay it (VX) up for awhile to rebuild it. This site has been invaluable for giving info. I've learned I have been putting the wrong plugs in on the tune ups. I have the wrong tires P175's. This car has been the best I've ever had and saved me a ton of money on fuel. Last I checked I was getting 40 to 45 mpg. I'm not a mechanic but I enjoy working on it. Hope to get it back to 50 mpg or more. When I first purchased it I thought I was getting close to 60. I have not modified anything and changed oil regularly. I did replace the distributor, gas tank, and the normal wear and tear stuff like brake shoes.
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