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Originally Posted by vwdevotee View Post
First off I'll be honest, I didn't read all 444 pages. A couple of questions though. Can someone point me to the page with the most recent schematic drawings? I'm curious to see how it finally ended up. Also, instead of 24 small(ish) ripple caps, would there be any advantage or disadvantages to using one or two large (10,000 uF or so) cap? Is it possible to have too much ripple capacitance? Has anyone played with using a large IGBT instead of a bunch of MOSFETs? Thanks in advance!
I can understand why you haven't read all the pages, its a bit of a marathon.
But the point of the caps is to achieve sufficient "surge" capability with the lowest ESR possible and the values chosen do that. Also at an affordable price.
The files are here:
Open ReVolt/PCB Schematics - EcoModder

And yes, people have played with IGBT versions.

Read the thread!
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