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Daily Smiles

OK since I started annoyances lets go the other way - daily smiles. What cheered you up today, hypermiling or otherwise ?

For me three things.

1. Arragonis Jnr - although I had to clean my "white seats" (see annoyances thread) because of his drink 'incident'. But today he made me proud by agreeing to share a room with his friend who has bladder issues and look after him, as in making sure his friend has his 'pants' on overnight and making sure his friend is clean without any fun poking or mischief. He's only nine.

2. I've started to drive home in daylight. Spring is coming.

3. And today it stopped snowing / raining / blowing a gale so finally it feels like the country and the ground is finally "drying out". Time to plan my veg patch...

Oh and an extra one. I have planned to be away in Spain at Easter. Woohoo!

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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